May 25, 2016

My Thoughts ~ Changing For You (Anything For You Book 1) Faleena Hopkins


I am so in love with these characters.
Young Love it's a magical feeling or it can shatter your heart. For Annie it was love at first sight. Brendan was in a relationship so Annie loved him from afar. Until one night it all changed. With a shattered heart, betrayed by her best friend Annie runs to the other side of the world. After 5 years she returns to see if the Love she feels for Brendan is real or just a fairy tale. This Author is amazing she pulls you into this story and you just can leave and when it says THE END you just have to have more.........

If you had to change to have the man you love, would you do it? 
I have loved Brendan Clark ever since I first saw him strolling across our college courtyard my Freshman year. But with my dyed black hair and black lipstick, I'm invisible to guys like him. When at a party we're forced to talk, he has no idea what to do with all the shadows and sarcasm, and he makes a horrible choice. Devastated, I must decide--do I have the courage to change? To tear off the mask, rip down the wall, and show my true inner beauty? Can he hold space in his heart for a girl like me? 

Editor's Note: "Anything For You" weaves through time, telling a true-love story amidst the jealousy and vengeance of past and present lovers who want nothing better than to tear hope to shreds. It will keep you thoroughly entertained until the very last page. 

Not the most attentive of cooks, I burn toast...and hard-boiled eggs. Yes, it can be done. They make a cool and startling CRACK when the water evaporates and you're in the other room writing a novel. I write about love, redemption, and often both deliciously entwined. 

I believe sex is a part of life. So is drama. Pain. Love. Aching to find that special someone. Taking the leap of faith when you actually do - even if it means getting crushed. Because will be caught when you fall. Life is a grand experiment. A game. And I kinda believe wolves and vampires are real. I've certainly met a few zombies and demons. Some of my stories have supernatural things - some just don't. But they're all fun as hell. 

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