November 14, 2017

Exclusive Excerpt - Trading Yesterday


Have you pre-ordered #TradingYesterday yet? I'm gonna "Monkey" you!

Exclusive Excerpt - from the PROLOGUE.

“Where are you, Monkey?”

“In here.” I barely put the eyeliner down when Chase’s happy face appeared as he bounded around the corner and then leaned into the doorframe. He was always handsome; dressed casually in a black V-neck T-shirt, dark blue jeans and boots. The light team jacket he wore wasn’t enough for the weather. I’d changed into a red sweater over my black leggings. I’d practically frozen in the stands.

“Mmm,” he murmured, and reached for me. His expression was flirty as his arms enfolded me, only to lift me up and leave my legs dangling as he walked back into the main room. The room had two beds because it was less expensive than a king upgrade. “Monkey me,” he commanded, huskily.

My lips turned up in a smile as I lifted my legs and caged his body in, using my arms around his shoulders. He’d started calling me Monkey, the first time I held him like this and now it was a thing.

In less than a second I was on my back on the bed with Chase on top of me. He felt so good against me. I felt safe and protected in his arms, like nothing in the world could hurt me. I laughed softly. “Chase,” I murmured, trying to ignore the way his body fit so perfectly with mine. He shifted against me, leaving me in no doubt he desired me. One of my feet slid down over his butt and thigh to hook on the inside of his knee.
“We fit like a glove,” he said my thoughts out loud. “And not just like this. In everything.” He was suddenly serious. “I love you, Teagan. You’re my girl.”

I slid one arm up so a hand could wind into his hair; while the other came down to brush the back of my fingers against his face. “I know.” I nodded just before his open mouth brushed mine, gently teasing a response from me. My body arched and my head lifted, communicating that I wanted the kiss to deepen, and he gave me what I wanted. The kiss was slow, but deep, our tongues tasting, laving, and moving deep into each other’s mouths. God, it was good.

I felt my body open, heat pulsing through me as he pressed his hardness against me, stimulating us both beneath our clothes. Making out with Chase, even dry humping through our clothes was satisfying because it was Chase, and I loved him more than anything. He was the beginning and the end for me.

“Uhhhh, God, Teagen. Don’t start,” he murmured, then came back for another kiss and then another before pulling away and falling limp on top of me. It was a thing he did, like a physical protest when he was turned on and we stopped in the middle of making love. It was cute and endearing.

“I didn’t start it,” I laughed softy, running a hand down his back to knead his muscles lightly. “Babe… I can’t breathe.” I gasped and Chase eased his weight back onto his elbows, easing the pressure on my chest, though he stayed on top of me, looking down at me. There was a brilliant smile on his beautiful face. His jaw was strong, his lips full, but not overly so, straight nose that had never been broken, and clear, intent eyes that could see right through me.

“Yes, you did. You monkey’d me. It’s all your fault.”

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