April 12, 2015

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT~ Stay With Me – Book 3 - Betrayal by Emily Jane Trent

"Kyra intended to do all she could to keep him out of trouble. But she wasn’t sure how long Stephano would be safe from harm. All along he had refused to leave her, and Kyra had no doubt he would stick to that. Her disappearance would confuse him, but not for long. Stephano would likely figure things out. It was dark out, and the city lights of Basel were no longer visible, so there wasn’t much to see. Kyra closed her eyes, but was unable to block out the loss. Only hours before she had been in Stephano’s arms. Now Kyra had no idea when she would see him again. Panic surged. If she failed to keep Troy at bay, it would mean the worst. The idea of anything happening to Stephano made her heart ache. It couldn’t be true. It couldn’t have come to this. Kyra knew life wasn’t fair. But she would endure what fate handed her, if that meant protecting her love. " 

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