April 7, 2014

Review ~ My Thoughts on Covered in Coal by Silla Webb

Carly & Colton

Carly had her heart broken when she was 18 years old. Then she found out she is pregnant and all hell broke loose. She pack her car and drove straight out of town to start her new life. Life is unfair and Carly finds out the hardest way possible. She is strong and a survivor.  After 7 years she gets a call to come home her father is ill. Can she handle her past?  Can she make amends with her Father? 

Colton made his biggest mistake and it only took 1 drunken night. He sees life with Carly blow away in the wind. Now she is gone and he will have to live with the choice he made and break her heart.  He has made so many mistakes and so much had changed in his life. The one thing that never changed was how much he loved Carly. Finally after 7 years he finally has his chance to make it right and win Carly’s heart back. This was a great story. I Love the true Eastern Kentucky dialect.

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